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Expert Panelists and Authors of
The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks

Expert Panelists are a group of experts representing a broad variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise who review, contribute their ideas and come to a consensus about the content of the GDIB. The authors of the GDIB are Julie O'Mara and Alan Richter.

Is there a way to review the Expert Panelists' & Authors' bios?

A list of the Expert Panelists and Authors who have worked on the 2016 Edition of the GDIB is available as a downloadable PDF, which also contains short biographical sketches and contact information. Many have served as Expert Panelists since the 2006 edition. Also on the downloadable PDF are bios of the two authors and a list of former Expert Panelists.

Download Expert Panelists and Authors Bios for the 2016 Edition

How will future Expert Panelists be selected?

Future Expert Panelists will be selected in a similar manner as they have been selected in the past -- using criteria and networking with a goal of creating a group willing to do the work of constructing the next edition and having the varied backgrounds to do so. It is a volunteer assignment. If you want to recommend yourself or others to become an Expert Panelist, please contact the authors.

Who is on the Expert Panel and what are their contributions?

Because the GDIB is the collective viewpoint of the Expert Panelists, the range of their diverse perspectives is critically important. Although there is no way to construct a perfect collection of "diverse" people with diverse experiences, the authors believe they have selected a solid group of Expert Panelists.

The depth and breadth of the GDIB is a testament to the process of including different viewpoints and perspectives. Not all members of the Expert Panel agree with all items and statements in this document. Despite all attempts to be as universal and all inclusive -- of organization size, sector, region of the world, diversity approach, diversity dimensions, industry, and so forth -- as possible, the truth is that most people are at least somewhat centric to the various diversities they know best. Therein lies the value in having an expert panel comprised of a diverse group of people.

Because people move across both countries and organizations, and many have extensive global experience not limited to their current affiliation or location, we have listed names without affiliation, title, or location.

How were the Expert Panelists selected?

The authors determined the selection criteria, which are designed to result in a diverse group of experts who would be willing and able to contribute to the GDIB. Each person needed to have expertise in a broad scope of D&I work or a specific sector/type of organization, approach to diversity, culture, world region, and so forth. In addition we sought a variety of life experience that is represented by race, gender, sexual orientation, social class, nationality, generation, age, education, disability, personality type, and so forth. We were interested in the totality of their experience, not their current organizational position or location around the world. Then the authors invited those they knew who met these criteria and then sought suggestions from them to recommend others. As the process evolved, the authors searched for areas where they felt additional expertise or a diversity dimension was needed.

In addition all members of The Diversity Collegium were invited to become Expert Panelists. Most chose to do so.

What is the role and responsibility of the authors?

As the authors of the GDIB, Julie O’Mara and Alan Richter:

  • Are ultimately responsible for the final content,
  • Make final decisions on who becomes an Expert Panelist,
  • Manage the development and promotion of the GDIB,
  • Manage the permissions and use process.

Download Expert Panelists and Authors Bios for the 2016 Edition