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Current Projects

The current focus and study of the Diversity Collegium is Inclusive Leadership.

Some of the things we have done as part of this study:

November 2012

We read a report on inclusive leadership that was developed in the United Kingdom and invited one of the authors to present at one of our meetings and have dialogue with us.

The report, Opportunity Now: Inclusive Leadership — from Pioneer to Mainstream, Maximising the Potential of Your People was developed by Gillian Shapiro in partnership with Opportunity Now. Gillian is the founder and managing director of Shapiro Consulting, London, UK and co-founder of All About Talent, a partnership that supports leaders in maximizing people potential. Opportunity Now is a gender workplace forum whose members are large employers in the UK.

The research for this report set out to answer three main questions: What makes a great Inclusive Leader? How does inclusive leadership add value to an organisation? Ways in which organisations can grow and develop their own inclusive leaders.

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