2006 Diversity Symposium

In August 2006, The Alliance, the collaborative relationship between The Diversity Collegium and The American Institute for Managing Diversity (AIMD) held the fourth symposium. Entitled, The World is Flat: Implications for Diversity Management, the symposium was sponsored by Kraft Foods, Weyerhaeuser and Tyson. Approximately 50 diversity professionals, diversity practitioners, human resource professionals, business leaders and academicians gathered at the world headquarters of Kraft Foods, Inc. in Glenview, Illinois, to explore the relationship of a flattened world and the constructs of fostering diversity and inclusion.

The Symposium's Proceedings report and an Executive Summary are now available on this Website, free of charge. Please visit our Publicationspage to download the documents.


2004 Diversity Symposium

The third symposium was hosted in 2004 by The Alliance, a collaborative relationship between The Diversity Collegium and The American Institute for Managing Diversity (AIMD). Entitled Equity, Affirmative Action and Diversity: From Past to Present to a Promising Future, the symposium was sponsored by Hewitt Associates (Platinum Sponsor), Sodexho (Gold Sponsor) and Silver Sponsors: Eastman Kodak, Starbucks Coffee, and Weyerhaeuser. By assembling 130 diversity professionals, experts and opinion leaders, The Alliance sought to shape the dialogue about the future of affirmative action and equity legislation. Participants, representing the United States, Canada and South Africa, joined in the dialogue and debate and made recommendations regarding the future of affirmative action.


2001 Diversity Symposium

In 2001, The Diversity Collegium held its second symposium at Bentley College outside of Boston, Massachusetts. The symposium was sponsored by Bentley College, The American Institute for Managing Diversity, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Pepsi Cola Company, with in-kind support from Fetzer Institute. Approximately 100 diversity professionals attended. The focus of the symposium was to explore a conceptual framework for the practice of diversity. Three papers were written, presented, and discussed.

Proceedings were published and distributed to all that attended. The Proceedings, the Conceptual Framework model, and the three papers written for the symposium are now available on our Publications page.

The Proceedings report and all the papers associated with the symposium are now available on, or accessible via, this Website, free of charge, on our Publications page.

In 1993, the Diversity Collegium sponsored and funded its first symposium at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference design incorporated a presentation of diversity papers written by the founding members for the symposium. Nationally recognized diversity thought leaders were selected to provide written responses to the papers. Further, small groups were asked to evaluate the concept papers and form recommendations aimed at furthering the profession of diversity.

One hundred attendees participated in the very successful two-day session. The symposium was a watershed event in the development of the Collegium because it attracted diversity practitioners representing many fields of study, and established the Collegium as the first diversity think tank in the United States.