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GDIB moves to a new organization and a new website!

The GDIB is moving to a new home, The Centre for Global Inclusion, a new nonprofit entity incorporated July 5, 2017.

The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World (GDIB) and all related tools and materials will become part of that new entity along with many other services that will help meet their new mission: to serve as a resource for research and education for individuals and organizations in their quest to improve diversity and inclusion practices around the world.

Founding Board members are Julie O’Mara as Board Chair and President, Alan Richter as Treasurer, and Nene Molefi as Secretary. (Their bios available here: http://www.diversitycollegium.org/expertpanelists.php  

The Centre has filed for U.S. IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt status and has started operations as such. The Centre is organized as a public charity focused on education and research on diversity and inclusion around the world.  

Although The Diversity Collegium will no longer be the primary sponsor of the GDIB, it is still very much an important supporter of the GDIB. Since 2013, The Collegium has committed time, energy, and resources to enable the GDIB to continue its successful growth. “We are so appreciative of The Collegium’s commitment to the GDIB and being our “home” from 2013 until now,” says Julie O’Mara, co-author. “It is now time for us to take this next step to maximize, not only the potential of the GDIB, but to grow to achieve The Centre’s mission [as stated above].”  

The past couple of years have seen a tremendous increase in activity and interest in the GDIB. O’Mara explains while this is all good, providing something for free comes at a significant cost both financially and in time and resources. The 501c3 status will provide the structure for raising funds from multiple sources. “Keeping the GDIB free is a promise we have kept since it was first published by Alan Richter and I as co-authors in 2006,” says O’Mara, “we intend to keep that promise.”

Here are some of the goals and strategies The Centre for Global Inclusion is planning to accomplish in the future:

  • Continuing research on the evolution and effectiveness of D&I practices of organizations in various sectors, industries and regions around the world.
  • Translations of the GDIB into other languages beginning with Spanish and French.
  • Customized GDIB editions for sectors, industries, approaches, and regions.
  • Self-paced online learning tools and blogs.
  • Live and archived webinars.
  • Infographics.
  • Gatherings of practitioners to improve D&I.
  • Extensive use of social media.
  • Educational tools and resources.
  • Journal articles and conference presentations.
  • Resources that create an extensive global footprint.

O’Mara says ideas for the ongoing development of the GDIB and for projects and tools that will help practitioners in their work and help meet The Centre’s mission are welcomed.

Visit the new website for The Centre for Global Inclusion: http://centreforglobalinclusion.org