Come  Think  Together  Day  Resources*:

Building  Bridges  Through  Dialogue  and  Conversation 

Following  are  the  follow-up  resources  from  the  June  28, 2018 Come  Think  Together  Day  in  Seattle, WA

*The Diversity Collegium supports a depository of shared information to support the learning and advancement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  This list is not exclusive, not exhaustive and serves only as a “tip of the iceberg” resource to continue thinking together.

During our Come Think Together Day, June 28, 2018, hosted by Amazon in Seattle, WA, USA, we shared insights and frameworks from various thought leaders.  Below, you will find the PowerPoint presentations and the videos of Dr. Price Cobbs, as well as a list of many free online resources to support building bridging and changing narratives.

PowerPoint Presentations & Videos

PowerPoint Presentations


Bridging Narratives and Telling a New Story

Dr. john powell

Shakti Buter

Additional Resources